Ember Metrics allows clients to customize the platform to suit specific corporate requirements. If your organization does not have the technical resources to implement these enhancements we can assist you in the following areas:

Automated Data Population

Indicator data in Ember Metrics can be populated manually through the web interface, imported using user spreadsheets, or via automated data feeds. Automated data integration feeds are the most complex to implement but require the least ongoing user intervention for data maintenance. Our team has the expertise to help evaluate the benefit of Ember Metrics data integration for your organization and implement an integration plan.

Custom Reports

Indicator data from Ember Metrics can be exported into a highly customizable layout using a variety of file formats (including PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel) for distribution across the organization. Our team develops customized reports built to your specifications if you do not have report development resources on staff.

User Interface Modifications

User interface and styling of Ember Metrics is customizable to conform to your organization’s design standards. Our development team can transform Ember Metrics to meet your styling specifications.

Functionality Enhancements

Ember Metrics customizations outside of the above areas are also occasionally requested by organizations that have specific needs. Our team will assist you in understanding, evaluating and implementing a solution for your feature request.

Custom Analytical Solutions

Organizations often find that they require advanced functionality to perform detailed ad-hoc data analysis and predictive capabilities. We have extensive experience creating large data warehouse solutions including multi-dimensional (cube) database development and data mining solutions.


3terra provides comprehensive training solutions catered to your organization’s needs. For Ember Metrics, we offer two half-day courses for end-users and administrators. Full and half-day training is also available on Microsoft tools for reporting and data analysis including SQL Server Reporting Services, Performance Point, Power View and Report Builder.